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I'll Meet You at the End
I'll meet you at the end
~Lyrics by Bethany
And so
Now only the world knows
Where we might go
All of those promises
Did they ever exist?
You know I still
Feel sorry about it
Now I can't begin
To move on
Out of this place
We both came from
You were the one
The only
The reason I stayed here
And now you just disappear
So now you are alone
I never answered the phone
I don't wanna talk right now
Because I'm busy moping about nothing
Now I'll never know
What could have been
You'll just have to see
I'll meet you at the end
At the end
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 1
Waves Crashing by BadGardevoir Waves Crashing :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 5 1 Clouds over the Beach by BadGardevoir Clouds over the Beach :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 1 Beautiful Beach Day by BadGardevoir Beautiful Beach Day :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 6 1 It's me again! by BadGardevoir It's me again! :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 1
I'm Not Okay
I'm Not Okay
~Lyrics by Bad Gardevoir
I haven't been okay
sense the day you left me
It seems like we're falling apart
and we keep on making the same
It seems like I can't even function
without you here
and you're so better off without this
now that you've moved out of this state
My state of mind
feels like I've been hit by a train
as I keep slowly shattering
and you're just wondering how I'm doing
You're just wondering if I'm okay
Well guess what
I'm not okay
And I
don't know just what to tell you
And I
don't know what you want me to do
Some days
are better without you
But most days
my life sucks without you
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 1
I'm Right Here (Honey, It Hurts)
I'm Right Here (Honey, It Hurts)
~Lyrics by Bad Gardevoir
Dedicated to Blue Diamond, and sung by Yellow Diamond~
Honey, it hurts
to love someone
and lose them
I know it's true
You feel like your heart has shattered
and you'll always be feeling blue
Honey, it hurts
to care so much
to have so much empathy
for the past
What has happened
It can't be changed
It can be righted
but the truth is it still hurts
and always will
but you've got to move on
Honey, it hurts
but look what you've still got here
is not yet gone
So don't waste your time here
Be free, go on
Do better things
Go grow your armies
and plant your seeds in every galaxy
you can find
You have what it takes
Honey, it hurts
now, but it will get better
You've got nothing to fear
I'm right here
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 4
Do You Remember
Do You Remember
~Lyrics by Bethany
Do you remember all those things we said?
Do you remember all those things we did?
Do you remember how we fell in love
Over and over again?
Do you remember just how it felt
To be in my arms?
Because I remember feeling whole
Like nothing could tear us apart
Nothing’s gonna break us now
We’re so connected
Nothing’s gonna leave us behind
Just know that I miss you
Every time that you’re not here
And I can’t stop thinking about you
You’re just so you
Make my day, light my way
You’re everything
Nothing’s gonna stop us now
We’re too close together
And now I’ll never feel
Like I’m carrying the world on my shoulders
Nothing’s gonna bring us down
We’re so high, we’re soaring
Now like a lion, you’re gonna hear me roaring
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 1
After The Storm
After The Storm
~Lyrics by Bethany
It must hurt so bad
walking on broken glass
every day of your life
It must make your feet bleed
but you see no blood at all
And you get the feelings
like no one else does
You like the swaying of
the trees and the wind and
We could drive this road all day
We could make the rain always stay
We could make this night last forever
Even after the storm is gone
Forever we are
We are young
We could make it like it never happened
After the storm
I feel your heart beat
I feel the tears on my cheeks
and I get the sense
that you're not staying....
I hear the rain beating on the roof tops
Does it always have to be so loud?
Even the wind, the thunder, the lightning
I feel them running through my veins
We could drive this road all day
We could make the rain always stay
We could make this night last forever
Even after the storm is gone
Forever we are
We are young
We could make it like it never happened
After the
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 4
Me again by BadGardevoir Me again :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 2 Peaches by BadGardevoir Peaches :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 12 3
~Lyrics by Bethany (AKA Bad Gardevoir)
I've got my
hands on my heart
My mind on my mind
Your love for my soul
I just don't think I'll find it
I may never find it
I've got your
voice in my head
It won't stop singing
Your face in my eyes
I can't stop looking
You're just so beautiful
and kind
I can't explain why you're always
on my mind
But put the puzzle together
It's all inside
It's the way you make me feel
The way you make me feel
Is it alright
if we meet after the show tonight?
Is it okay
if I don't have V.I.P regulations?
May I please, please, please
just meet you?
'Cause I really wanna see you
It'd make my night all the more bright
Behind the lights
I'm obsessed with you
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 0 1
Crying An Ocean
Crying An Ocean
~Lyrics by Bethany (AKA Bad Gardevoir)
Suddenly everything just disappears
Suddenly everything just falls apart
Everyone just starts crying
And I can't tell you why
Sometimes these things happen
Sometimes it was never meant to be
Sometimes these things just happen
to you and me.
And it isn't fair
You shouldn't be treated like this
Well, neither should I
Neither should I
I'm so done
I'm sick of this shit
I don't know how
you expect me to deal with it
But I can't
I just can't do this anymore
This is the first time
I'm saying goodbye
Definitely won't be the last
But this is hard on me
and I know it's hard on you, too
I don't want to do this
But you leave me no choice
You don't deserve this
But neither do I
So goodbye
You left me stranded
Drowning, begging for air
Crying an ocean through my eyes
And you expect me to just let it go?
How can I?
Sure, sometimes things happen
Sometimes it was never meant to be
But sometimes these things just happen
to you and me
And it
:iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 0
Me by BadGardevoir Me :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 2 1 Beautiful Me by BadGardevoir Beautiful Me :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 3 Happy Birthday DeivantART!!! by BadGardevoir Happy Birthday DeivantART!!! :iconbadgardevoir:BadGardevoir 1 0
I have numerous different art styles, but most of my work here consists of photography, writing, and a little bit of drawing. You will see pictures of me, animals, or just random stuff I thought was interesting that I wanted to share. You will also see the many song lyrics, poetry, fan fiction, and stories I have written. My favorite things are Sonic the hedgehog, Pokémon, and Steven Universe, so this is most of what you'll see in my gallery. I hope you enjoy! Peace. :peace:
Thank You... by jennyleigh
Thanks for the support! :hug:



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(SPOILERS) Steven Universe Theory Time!!!

Journal Entry: Tue May 30, 2017, 7:01 PM
UPDATE 6/2/17: There's also the possibility Pink Diamond may not even be dead. What if she faked her death and Rose took the blame because she was the closest to her when it happened? The question is if she did fake her shattering, why? Did she have something to hide? Like being the leader of the rebellion? More evidence to support this theory is the fact the Off-Color gem Fluorite possesses a diamond shaped gem on her belly. This is also where Pink Diamond's gem is supposed to be located. What if she went into hiding with the Off-Color gems? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

There is no way that Rose Quartz could have shattered Pink Diamond. Here's why:
Diamonds are incredibly durable and hard to break. How could a measly little quartz even have the ability to shatter her? Pink Diamond's Sapphires should have seen Rose coming, warned her, and her Agates should have had the ability to fight her off. As soon as Rose was found killing her, if Pink was being guarded, Rose should have been poofed and shattered right then and there, but she wasn't. Blue Diamond claimed that a sword shattered Pink Diamond, but we learned from Bismuth that Rose's sword could only cut through a gem's physical form, never the actual gem.
Now, here's the second part of my theory:
I believe Pink Diamond wanted to protect Earth and was the leader of the rebellion, with her best Rose Quartz soldier being second-in-command. The only possible way for a gem as tough as a Diamond to be shattered is if another Diamond with strength equal to hers shattered her. I believe Yellow Diamond found out about Pink's betrayal, shattered her, and framed Rose for her death. All throughout the episode "The Trial," Yellow was adamant that Rose did it and just wanted to go ahead and shatter her, while Blue wanted to hear her side of the story. When Blue Zircon pointed the finger at Yellow for Pink's death, this angered her and she poofed Blue Zircon and Green Zircon for seemingly no reason. Yellow seemed lesser like an angry dictator, and more-so like a criminal trying to hide the truth throughout this episode.
Anyways, let me know what you think of my theory in the comments below! Thank you for reading!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a 19-year-old Pansexual, Polyamorous, Agnostic, Feminist, and Independent female.
I like games, cartoons, and anime; Just look at my favorites if you would like to know more.
I'm a happy, kind, and loving person. However, if you hurt me, my friends, and/or my family, I will not hesitate to bite your head off or drop you like a bomb. I have the mouth of a sailor and I will curse you out before you have time to explain your "side of the story."
I am an artist of many types....I like photography, writing, and drawing. I do not really seek a career in art one day, but I am looking into being a part-time photographer. I get many compliments from family and friends about my photos and how I capture them in just the right perspective. The same goes for my writing and my drawing.
If you would like to know more about me, do not hesitate to ask me any questions you'd like. I am a very accepting, understanding person, and no one to be afraid of.
Lots of love! Bye! ;)

My best friends and some of the best artists I know:
:iconcmara: :iconxpink-bulletx: :iconaurorakitten: :iconabbiegoth: :iconhezuneutral: :iconjoel-grizzlebeard: :iconcrnsal: :icongeekgemcorduroy: :iconcubiejewelart: :icondolphinking55: :iconmisslucysleeches: :iconsh4dzi: :iconb4phom3t: :iconshadowolf20: :iconliliack15: :iconpohatudude:
My boyfriend: :heart:WolfFlame97:heart:

Lapis Lazuli is forever my waifu.
Virgin Killer by Kalcedonyx
Credit: Kalcedonyx



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